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All about this trampolining Website, and how it came to be.


This website was initially created in 2002. At this time there was not much information (if any) around on the internet about trampolining in Perth. The website started off as a subsection of my personal website, but then moved to its own domain in December 2003 where it still resides. It was intended to advertise that such a sport existed (other than mucking about on your backyard tramp) and that there were clubs in Perth run by qualified professionals that offered lessons/classes, and the location of these clubs.

In 2003 I became the Participation and Communications Officer for Trampoline Sports in WA. For reasons of transparency, I felt that the committee meeting minutes should be made readily available to the WA trampolining community, and so they were uploaded to my website. These were already available, but you had to contact GWA and request a copy, and not many people knew you could do that. I was on the committee until 2006.

Also in 2003 I fulfilled a childhood dream and purchased my very own full-size trampoline (Action fixed-frame) for my backyard. I wanted to document my experience, and give tips for anyone else buying a backyard trampoline.

And so really this website just developed and grew from there. In fact, in 2005 it looked like this (see pic on right). I have since retired from the sport (I have been "bouncing" since 1981), but still maintain this website with current information from all the clubs. As I am no longer on the WA TRP committee, I have stopped posting committee info including office bearers and meeting minutes, as I find it too hard to keep up, although I'm sure you can still get them from GWA if you ask nicely.

I hope you find this site useful. It has been a fun project :)

Michelle Chomiak (nee Matthews)
(WA State Champion 1992, Intermediate Level Coach, Level 1 Judge)


Michelle continues to share with us her passion, enthusiasm and vast experience with the sport of trampoline. Her web site, Perth Trampolining Pages is an excellent one-stop resource on safety, product reviews and history along with a variety of helpful links for further information. This site is certainly a valuable resource for all of Western Australia and should included on everyone's list of Favorites links!
~ Dagmar Nissen Munn (Daughter of George Nissen, Inventor of the Trampoline)

The web pages hosted by Michelle are a credit to her and a sincere testimonial to her dedication to the sport of Trampolining. As one of the pioneers in the sport it always saddened me that the history of the early years in NSW has been incomplete and somewhat of a mystery, even to people such as myself. Michelle through her web page has gone a very long way towards clearing up some of those mysteries and for that I am extremely grateful. Thank you Michelle for all that you have done for Trampolining over the years. Long may you bounce.
~ Bob Young (NSW Trampoline Champion, 1961 and 1962)

Love your site, very informative and useful. As far as I am aware this is the only website of its kind in Australia. Parents would love this type of info. I am always being asked about garden tramps and since the demise of Jet Jol, I have difficulty recommending any equipment. We are sponsored by Spring Free, a very safe well contracted piece of equipment. But for more excitement, I mean danger, there is very little on the market unless parents want to spend money on a professional piece of kit. Keep up the good work!
~ Tony Burton (Owner, High Flyers Trampoline Academy)

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Website circa 2005