Backyard Trampoline Buyers Guide

This backyard trampoline buyers guide is for anyone wanting to buy the best backyard trampoline for their kids.

1. Safety

2. Things to consider

  • Who is going to use the trampoline: just children or adults too? Check the weight limits on the models you are considering.
  • Will it be too small for your growing children in 2 to 3 years time?
  • Is it for family fun (round) or for more serious trampoline practice (rectangular)?
  • If you have young children then an enclosure is a safety option you should consider.
  • Quality trampolines are built to last, and may cost a little bit more but the investment is worth it. As with most things, you get what you pay for. Common problems are: fading in the sun, the pads fall apart, and the netting becomes brittle and rips easily after a year or so out in the elements.
  • Check what warranty you get with your purchase.
  • ALWAYS buy and fit the spring cover pads.

3. What to buy, and Where to buy it

Choice Review (Dec 2012) -
  • The only trampoline to fully pass the shock test was the SpringFree Trampoline.
  • The other 11 trampolines tested failed the shock test, and had potential strangulation and/or limb entrapment hazards.
  • For more information please read the full Choice review on their website here.
  • Since this test, Vuly have brought out a new model which goes a long way towards addressing these issues, and may even pass if tested again.
For Personal Reviews - see the Reviews page.

These are listed in order of quality and suitability (in my opinion)

  • Recreational (Round)
    1. Spring Free Trampoline - Safest (Choice magazine recommended) - ($900+) *Read My Review*
    2. Vuly Trampolines - Good Quality - Available at Toys R Us or through Instant Fun Online Toys(Perth) (~$465+)
    3. Trampoline Man - Local - Proline brands ($various)
    4. JumpStar - Perth-run company. Looks ok, they do rectangular models too. Order online, pick-up from Kenwick
    5. Fun Sports Direct - Perth-run company. Motto is "Kids off Couches"! They sell their own brand Jetjump (they cut out the wholesaler) along with Vuly and have a showroom in Freo
    6. K-Mart, Big W, Target, etc - Cheap, limited range, mass availability - Go for an Action brand as it is well established and decent quality, however be aware that the safety netting will perish after approx 12 months ($100+)
    7. Trampoline Warehouse - Brisbane based, online only, round tramps only, very large tramps for very cheap prices. Not sure of quality.
    8. JumpSport Trampolines - I rated this last as their comparison between their AlleyOop brand, and Springfree is incorrect and misleading.
  • Competitive (Rectangular)
    1. Grand Master Outdoor In-Ground Trampoline (5m x 3m), from Eurotramp (Germany) - Price not given ~ $3k?
    2. Pro Jumbo Trampoline (5m x 3m), from Action Sports (Brisbane, QLD) - Price not given ~ $3k?
    3. JumpStar - Perth-run company, which is a bonus, pick-up from Kenwick. Looks ok quality wise, but I have not personally used one. $300 - $700
    4. Rebound Non-Folding Trampoline (6ft x 12ft), from Rebound Products (Canada) - Indoor only - Price not given ~ $5k?
Trampoline Assembly Service (Perth) - Brendan

4. Learn

  • The best and safest way to learn is to join a trampoline club and be taught by qualified professionals.
  • If this is not possible or practical there is a book available (but I am not endorsing it) called Backyard Trampolining by Darlene Traviss which you can buy from Amazon (or other book stores).
  • Please DO NOT attempt somersaults until you are competent at all the non-somersaulting skills, and only then do it under qualified supervision.
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Springfree 8ft trampoline

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Vuly classic 12ft trampoline

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Proline 8 trampoline with enclosure from The Trampoline Man

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Action Pro Jumbo trampoline

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Eurotramp Grand Master trampoline