Trampoline Reviews

Personal reviews of trampolines currently on the market.

Springfree - R54 Compact Round (Reviewed 2015)

I purchased this for my 3.5 yr old son, from a local store (Toys R Us).
Assembly: Springfree provide both written instructions, and a video available online, without which I think you'd have real difficulty doing it the very first time. We had a few issues putting it together, mainly because the video is for the Medium Round model. It doesn't state the frame will lock itself together once the spring rods and mat are attached. Also you need to work on opposite sides as you go, instead of starting at one point and working round. Total time taken with 1 person: 4hrs. Apologies for the lack of assembly photos, but I had a 5 day old baby at the time :)
Bounce: It's reasonably bouncy, suitable for a kid to get high enough to do what they need to do. By comparison, it has loads more bounce than other round trampolines currently on the market, but it's not as bouncy as one of the old Jet Jol springed trampolines, but then again this is a lot safer. Springfree descibe it perfectly as "A soft bounce suitable for little jumpers and smaller backyards."
Good Points: Very safe. Very good quality. Nice and bouncy. The netting is well made and quite sturdy, and the zip is good quality. Accessories available.
Bad Points: Assembly took a while, due to instructional video not being specific for the purchased model. It doesn't have a cross in the middle of the mat.
  • Model No: R54 Compact Round
  • Recommended Retail Price: $1199
  • Frame Size: 2.5m (diameter)
  • Mat Size (Jump Area): 2.5m (diameter)
  • Max. User Weight: 80 kg
  • Assembly time: 4hrs
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Product Warranty: Registered - 8 years Frame, 2 years Rods, Mat, and Net
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Manufacturer image.
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Installation timeframes on inside of box.
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Installation instructions.
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Unpacking the boxes.
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Laying out the frame (incorrect, as we later discovered the holes for the rods are meant to be on the TOP! oops!)
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Getting the frame to connect together. This is the bit we had trouble with.
Springfree Trampoline (R54)
Attaching the net to the frame. This is done before adding the mat.

Action - Junior Jumper (Reviewed 2013)

I purchased this for my 2 yr old son, from a local store (Toys R Us).
Assembly: It was easy to put together and took under an hour.
Bounce: It's not very bouncy, as it is a rebounder type trampoline, but I guess this is what you want from a toddler trampoline!
Good Points: The good feature is that the 'spring' (elastic cord) covers are stitched directly to the mat, so they can't flap up and down.
Bad Points: It has faded in the 6 months or so since purchase, despite being undercover, but I guess this is unavoidable in this country.
  • Model No: S000427
  • Purchase Price: $49.99
  • Frame Size :88 x 88 x 76cm
  • Mat Size (Jump Area) :55 x 55cm
  • Max. User Weight: 35 kg
  • Assembly time: <1hr
  • Weight :5.9 kg
  • Product Warranty: 2 years Frame and Mat, 6 Months Springs, Pads, and Net
Action Junior Jumper Trampoline (green)
Manufacturer image.
Action Junior Jumper Trampoline (green)
After 6 months of use.
Action Junior Jumper Trampoline (green)
Pads stitched to the frame.
Action Junior Jumper Trampoline (green)
Elastic cord 'springs'.

Action - Jumbo Fixed Frame (Reviewed 2003)

In 2003 I fulfilled a childhood dream and purchased my very own "full-size" trampoline for my backyard. It was a Jumbo Fixed with 2-string woven mat, with 405mm wide blue fixed pads.
I ordered it from Action Sports, over the phone and via email, and had to deal with the State Rep as they didn't sell this size model direct to the public (this has probably changed). Once ordered, it took 6 weeks to arrive. Six very long impatient weeks!
This trampoline has since been sold.
Assembly: Upon assembly, it didn't look like it bolted together properly, and the legs looked like they were angled inwards slightly. I contacted Action Sports and was told this was normal.
Bounce: It's a very hard trampoline. It has good bounce, but was very tight and hard to land on. This improved slightly over time with use, but was never as nice as a traditional polymesh mat, or the Eurotramps to which I had become accustomed (read: spoilt!).
Good Points: It is a good size. The padding was good quality and held together well.
Bad Points: The frame groaned and squeaked a lot when bouncing on it. Also, the mat faded to a pale yellow after only 6 months, but it was out in the elements.
  • Model No: CP0130 (no longer available)
  • Purchase Price: $3,081 (includes tramp, pads, freight, and GST)
  • Frame Size: 5.18m x 3.05m
  • Mat Size (Jump Area): 4.27m x 2.13m (112 springs)
  • Max. User Weight: Unlimited
  • Assembly time: 3hrs
  • Weight: approx 150kg. Pads alone weighed 21kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years Frame and Mat, 6 Months Pads and Springs
Tramp Assembly
Tramp Assembly: Springs, bed & pads.
Tramp Assembly
Tramp Assembly: Unwrapping the frame.
Tramp Assembly
Frame assembled, now for the mat & springs.
Bouncing in the garden
Assembly complete. Doing some load testing.
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